Friday, September 23, 2011

Thesis Abstract [In-Progress]

Due to the increasing presence of teletechnologies and sensors, our world has become a realm of hyperconnectivity, instantaneity, and delocalization, giving rise to the mobility of the collective mind as an extension of the physical body, and giving birth to the modern nomad.  Such instantaneity and ubiquity eliminate the tripartite separation of past-present-future, contracting to form the omnipresent instant.  With real-time transmission and reception, we are forced to reconsider the typical conceptions of spatial experience, sensation, and perception of stimuli.  Specifically, the collective and dispersive role of the mega-event occurs in the case of the Olympic host city where there is a migration of movement both into and out of the city.  The mega-event lends itself to a unique condition of ebb and flow, providing the opportunity to appropriate an environment that is continually in flux, even long after the event has vacated the city.

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